7 Best Android Phones Of 2019


The 4,200 mAh battery, for example, is capacious and long-lasting, while the OLED, HDR, 19.5:9 screen is a crisp, colour-rich stunner. Three powerful camera lenses on the back (40MP + 20MP + 8MP), as well as a ridiculously potent front facing lens (24MP!), make photography a dream, while the combination of 6GB of RAM with the Kirin 980 CPU means incredibly high benchmark scores. And the in-display fingerprint reader and reverse wireless charging capability is hat-tippingly impressive, adding genuine wow-factor to a device that takes desirability in Android phones to an entirely new level. Huawei



Inside the phones we have the Snapdragon 845 to keep everything ticking along nicely, while Google is now using a glass backing to enable wireless charging on the Pixels for the first time. It’s traditional two-tone design is still in place though, with a textured finish that feels good in the hand. As in previous years though, it’s the camera where the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL really stand out: even though it’s a single-lens model, it’s capable of some fantastic shots, especially with upgrades like Night Sight for low light photography. It’s perhaps the main reason you would pick the Pixel 3 as the best Android phone on the market.

Another reason would be those speedy Android updates, straight from Google. There’s no bloatware or extra Android skin here, so you’re guaranteed a slick and intuitive software experience for years to come. Google’s individual apps continue to impress too, though of course you can get them on any Android or IOS phone.



 Luxuryhunter: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The third of three fantastic flagship phones Samsung has put out this year, the Note 9 excels in every department, from the quality of the components under the hood, to the fit and polish of the design, to the impressive results you can get from the dual-lens camera. What really makes the Note 9 stand out on this best Android phones of 2019 list, though, is that superb S Pen stylus. It’s been improved and upgraded this year with Bluetooth functionality, so it can now (for example) control music playback and operate the camera shutter remotely, as well as all the usual tricks.

With a screen size of 6.4 inches, and a 4000mAh battery inside, this is a phone that you can get some serious work done on. There’s also some excellent audio capability packed in here, with Dolby Atmos and UHQ upscaling included. Whichever part of the Note 9 you look at, it ends up impressing.

It does have a high price attached, which is going to put some people off, and the on-board Bixby AI is definitely still lagging behind what the likes of Siri and Google Assistant can offer. Overall, though, a top-level Android flagship and well worth a place on our best Android smartphones list.


The OnePlus 6T can’t match the cameras on the Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10, but it holds its own in other ways. The big benefit is OnePlus‘s dedication to bimonthly security updates and quick platform updates. The OnePlus 6T got the new Android Pie OS update before most phones. The 6T is also one of the first phones to have an in-display fingerprint sensorThe 6T is a $550 phone that’s as fast as most any device you can buy.



 including the hole-punch in-display selfie camera and in-display “ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung’s flagships have all the speed and camera capabilities you’d want in a 2019 phone, and the new One UI is pleasant to use and gets security updates monthly. Other bonuses, like a MicroSD slot, wireless power sharing, and a headphone jack help seal the deal and make the S10 our favorite phone of the year so far.



 What LG’s G7 leaves you with is an outstanding phone that matches the Galaxy S9 in many the ways that matter. It’s not a particularly sexy device, but LG does have some killer audio features, like a standard headphone jack, DTS:X for Bluetooth headphones, an onboard Hi-Fi Quad DAC, along with an impressively loud built-in speaker system.



 The LG V40 is like a LG G7, but with one extra power: It has five cameras. An extra selfie cam adds a wide-angle mode, and the two extra rear cameras add optical 2x zoom and a wide-angle lens. The setup is very similar to the newly released Galaxy S10. It’s a lot of cameras, but the flexibility is nice. Currently, the asking price is too high for a 2018 phone, but if it’s on sale, you should consider it. LG phones remain the best choice for audiophiles because of their onboard Hi-Fi Quad DAC, 3.5mm headphone jack, and improved wireless audio support.

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