Kim Kardashian Is In Fashion Design Again


Kardashian West teamed up with Carolina Lemke for a major sunglasses collaboration that will drop just in time for spring.

Mordi Shabat (CEO of Carolina Lemke North America) says “Kim is a trendsetter. She understands fashion, and this was important for our brand, to align with someone who has such a grasp on the industry’s big picture. Yes, she has a global audience, but we also found something new when we co-designed this collection. Kim gave us a fresh perspective,”

 Kim is a partner with the brand and has several collections in the works. The first batch of sunglasses won’t drop until the end of March and will begin shipping April 3rd. The lineup will include six designs that range from futuristic shield sunglasses with reflective lenses to retro-inspired ovals.

 “Carolina Lemke really let me express myself,” Kardashian explains in a statement. “Together, we designed this collection from scratch. I wanted to create a complete range of sunglasses, from statement shields to simpler shapes, because I’ve always felt that fashion should be inclusive. It should be for everyone, and everyone should feel as if they’re part of the conversation.”

 Prices starting as low as $90 and will max out at $100!

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