The Coolest Concept Cars

 Manufacturers have debuted a handful of great concept cars recently. Here are the coolest.

GFG Style Kangaroo


 Spawned from the minds of Giorgetto Giugiario and his son, the GFG Style Kangaroo combines supercar proportions with an unconventional off-road ride height. It also has gullwing windows, which is pretty awesome.

Audi e-Tron GT


 e-Tron GT is Audi‘s take on the all-electric grand touring segment. Based on the same platform as the Porsche Taycan, it looks fantastic.

Volkswagen ID. Buggy


 The ID. Buggy is the latest in a string of ID-badged concepts from VW, aimed at showing off the brand’s new modular electric platform.

Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet


 It looks like a yacht on wheels, with a stunning interior and a massive rear overhang.



 The 4SPEED is a sort of lightweight, barebones speedster take on the new Wrangler, with no roof, no doors a roll cage, carbon fiber body panels, and a set of massive off-roading tires. It debuted at this year’s annual Easter Jeep Safari.

Mazda RX-Vision

 The RX-Vision is Mazda‘s representation of what a future rotary-powered sports car might look like, and it’s stunning.

Honda Sports EV


 The Sports EV concept is a more performance-oriented variant of Honda’s Urban EV concept, which was recently unveiled in near-production form. Honda hasn’t said whether it’ll produce this car.

Toyota S-FR


 Toyota revealed this tiny little sports coupe at the Tokyo Auto Show a few years back.

Toyota GR HV


 The GR HV is a hybrid-powered targa sports car based on the Toyota 86, complete with a totally new fascia, and a switchable six-speed manual mode in addition to the standard automatic transmission.

Pininfarina HK GT


 The HK GT is Pininfarina’s idea of a sustainable GT car. It’s battery powered, built in collaboration with Hybrid Kinetic Group, a tech brand based in Hong Kong.

Buick Avista


 Buick’s stunning Avista concept was a welcome surprise to those who had long given up hope of Buick ever being interesting again. The fascia has since made it onto several of its production cars.

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